Centering Black Women's Health

Provider reviews for Black Women by Black Women. Put your health in the hands of a doctor vetted using the expert experience of other patients like you.




As implicit bias and other practices continue to negatively impact Black Women's Health, we can use our expert lived experience to navigate our health systems.


The Twissel is a platform for Black Women to collaboratively navigate provider options in cities across the US. Find doctors that will help you - and avoid those that will hurt. 


Use this site to rate and review health care providers. Visit our doctor reviews page. Share your best to worst experiences in our forum and help others navigate to the best care possible. 

You have the option to view and rate primary care physicians, therapists, OBGYNs, dermatologists and other specialists. If your experience isn't represented here, there's another catch all section. 

Leaving a Review

  • Include the provider's name, city, and if possible the health system they're at

  • Discuss your experience -- the great, bad and ugly

Seeing Reviews

  • Browse through the forum subtopics 

  • Use the search box to find entries with key words like your city name or other relevant words

Direct message others for more insightful and personal info



Primary Care Physicians


Find someone to help you with preventative care and make critical referrals. 



Connect with someone who cares about you and your mental health. 

Obstetrics & Gynecology


A source you can trust before, during and after childbirth. 



A professional that can meet the needs of your unique skin needs.


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